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ClickUp Workflow (task management)

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For all fellow ClickUp users - let me know in case of questions or if you have ideas to improve this workflow!



ClickUp 2.0 Alfred Workflow

This workflow allows you to use Alfred to quickly add tasks and search tasks within ClickUp 2.0.

Note: This is the first public release - bugs may be numerous. Let me know if you find any!

Installation & Requirements

For this workflow you need

To install, download the latest release and open the .alfredworkflow file.


Before being able to connect to ClickUp, certain parameters need to be configured. Configuration can be initiated via the cu:config command in Alfred, or by simply typing cu when starting the workflow for the first time. See ClickUp Terminology for an explanation of terms.

The following parameters are required:

  • ClickUp API key: API token generated in ClickUp (either a public token or a private SSO token). Allows us to connect to your ClickUp account. Example: pk_12345_sdhu2348...
    • Can be retrieved from ClickUp app > Profile Icon (bottom left) > Apps > Generate API key
    • Note: Treat this key as your password. It will be stored in the MacOS Keychain.
  • Id for ClickUp Workspace: Id of the Workspace your tasks reside in. Example: 2181159
  • Id for ClickUp Space: Id of the Space that defines your available Labels and Priorities. Example: 2288348
  • Id for default ClickUp List: Id of the List you want new tasks to be added to by default. Example: 4696187
  • Default Tag: Name of the tag you want to attach to all new tasks (this is only required for the cul command). Example: to_review

Note: Your ClickUp user account must be authorized for the specified workspace, space, folder and list.

The following parameters are optional:

  • Id for ClickUp Folder: Id of the Folder your List is part of. Example: 2844542
  • Default Due Date: If no Due date is specified when creating a task (via @), this Due date is used. Example: h2
  • Hierarchy Levels to limit Search Results: When searching (cus, cul) you can limit the tasks returned by Space, Folder, List or a combination of those. For example, limiting by space,folder would use the Id for ClickUp Space and Id for ClickUp Folder to limit the search results by. If you do not provide a value, all tasks for your Workspace will be returned.
  • Show Notification: Whether to show a notification after creating a task.

You can validate all parameters via cu:config validate. This should be your first step if anything does not work.

Usage & Commands

Creating Tasks

Creating a task

Tasks can be created by providing a title and optional commands.

   cu <Title> [:<Description>] [#<Tag>] [@<Due Date>] [!<Priority>] [+<List>]
  • Press Enter to create the task.
  • Press ? + Enter to open the created task in ClickUp (web)

Commands let you add additional information to your task:

  • Commands are added via one-character shortcuts
    • : Description of a task (max. 1 possible)
    • # Tag of a task (N possible). A list of available tags will be provided and can be filtered by typing e.g. #myLa. Additional tags are specified via another command shortcut, e.g. cu Task #Tag1 #Tag2. If you have specified a default tag, it will always be added. Tags may contain spaces. To create a new tag, simply type its name and press Space. Tags are cached for 10 minutes.
    • @ Due date of a task (max. 1 possible).
      • m<number> Task is due in <number> minutes
      • h<number> Task is due in <number> hours
      • d<number> Task is due in <number> days
      • w<number> Task is due in <number> weeks
    • ! Priority of a task (max. 1 possible). A list of available priorities will be provided and can be filtered by typing e.g. !1 or !Urge. If not specified, priority is Normal.
      • !1 Task has priority of Urgent
      • !2 Task has priority of High
      • !3 Task has priority of Normal
      • !4 Task has priority of Low
    • + List a task is assigned to (max. 1 possible). A list of available lists (ha) will be provided and can be filtered by typing e.g. +myLi. If you do not specify a List, your default will be used. Lists are cached for 2 hours.
  • Commands are optional
  • Commands are separated by space
  • Commands can be in any sequence
  • If no Due date or List is specified via a command, default values are used (see Configuration)
  • Caveat: If you want to use @, ! or + in either title or content, do not use a space before. Otherwise the character will be identified as a command signifier.


cu Clean the kitchen :Before my wife gets angry #Housework @h4 !1

Creates a task titled "Clean the kitchen", with description "Before my wife gets angry", tagged with "Housework", having a priority of "Urgent" and due in 4 hours , assigned to your default list.

cu Clean the kitchen #Housework #Wife +Personal

Creates a task titled "Clean the kitchen", tagged with "Housework" and "Wife" due in 2 hours (your default) and assigned to List "Personal".

Searching Tasks

You can search through all of your tasks within your ClickUp workspace. All open tasks matching your search term will be returned. The search uses fuzzy matching, so Test will find Test Task and Ted rest. You can use cus [<status>] to filter tasks by status, e.g. cus [Open].

cus <search terms>
  • Press Enter to open the task in ClickUp (web).
  • Press ? + Enter to close the selected task (Status = Closed).

Listing Created Tasks

You can list all of your tasks created via Alfred. This might be convenient if you created tasks in a hurry and want to go through them later in detail.

  • Press Enter to open the task in ClickUp (web).
  • Press ? + Enter to close the selected task (Status = Closed).

Note: This only works if you defined a default tag via cu:config defaultTag as the tasks are filtered by this tag.

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I'm very excited to be trying to get your clickUp workflow working.  I'm able to add tasks, but when I try to get a list of tasks created by alfred, or tasks to search a project I get an error saying the workflow can't connect to ClickUp.  I wonder if you could point me in the right direction to get it working?




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Hi - is this Workflow still supported?


I just tried to get it running... failed.  (No doubt a 'chair to keyboard interface problem'!)


Anyone abler to help me get it going?  (Being able to quickly create tasks using ALfred would be a huge time-saver!)


The screenshot shows results of validation - first issue is the 'X' next to API Key... and yet the API key exactly matches the one in my account?!


If anyone can help I'd be muchly grateful!!  🙂






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