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Backspace to delete whole query

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Hello everyone,


I've been a very long time user of Quicksilver and decided to give Alfred a try.


I'm loving Alfred thus far, but one thing is absolutely driving me mad:
I can't figure out how I can configure Alfred to delete the whole search query by hitting backspace a single time. And also I'm talking without any keyboard modifiers or pressing another key.


For a very long time, Quicksilver's default has been to delete the whole search query just by hitting backspace once. This is great because, if I type fast and do a typo, I can delete the whole search and start over again.


So for example, if I type:


I can then hit the backspace once instead of 6 times and start typing "Safari" correctly.


How can I enable this option?


Hopefully this option exists.



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@PaulGuy in Alfred, use cmd+backspace to clear the entire query. There is no way default way to reconfigure backspace to delete the entire query by itself.




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