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Firefox Tab Switch Workflow

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Hi all!


I made my first workflow, available here !

It allows to quickly focus any given tab by filtering open tabs with user input, across windows, and searching in the tab's title and URL.

It will only work with Firefox, there are much simpler options for other browsers.


Hope you like it and don't hesitate to give feedback!

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55 minutes ago, deanishe said:

Out of interest, what's the reason for using chrome.tabs over browser.tabs in the extension?

It's the same thing.

Firefox adopted chrome's extension format and tried to standardize it under the name WebExtensions.

To to standardize it, they called it `browser`, and to make it compatible with the thousands of existing Chrome extensions they made it equal to `chrome`

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Just now, deanishe said:

Thanks. I was wondering because you use browser.runtime but otherwise chrome.*. I thought I must have missed something.

`browser` instances probably comes from some code i copied online I guess :D

But really I should be using the same name everywhere :)


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