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Lost ALL web search settings


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I restarted my computer, when I got back on I lost all my Web Search settings. Odd thing is that theme and snippets are still there.


I have a zipped backup of Alfred 4, when I unzip and start this, I'm still not seeing my old Web Searches.

Is it possible to recover this? I lost all my important links and searched for my job.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi, thanks for super fast reply.


Unfortunately no other backup than the ZIP-file that I created from the "alfred app". 


I'm trying to locate Alfred.alfredpreferences but can't seem to find it? Do you have an exact location, I'm guessing it's inside the app?



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50 minutes ago, Azmi said:

I'm guessing it's inside the app?


No, it's not. Apps are read-only. They keep their settings in your home directory. If you weren't using sync, your Alfred preferences should be in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences, but if all you backed up was the application, you've probably lost them.

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Indeed they seem to be completely lost... Can it for some reason have been moved? What could've cause this issue?


Checking now I have Alfred, Alfred 2 and Alfred 3 – but no Alfred 4 in Application Support, is this helping in anyway?


Thanks for replying.

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@Azmi You'll find your Alfred 4 preferences in the /Alfred/ folder (without a number - this is so that all future versions can continue to use the same folder, unlike previous versions)


Have you used an app cleaner / uninstaller / cache cleaner / app that claims it'll clear up space on your drive automatically? If so, it's likely that this app has removed files essential files, in which case it may have moved things to Trash.



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