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Snippets with Files, Images etc


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@Nabil As @vitor said, the snippets themselves support text only (plain and rich text), but you can play with workflows to create your own actions based on a snippet trigger.


When you say you want to "use" images and PDFs, do you want to attach these to emails, open them, etc? It's likely that there's a way to do this with AppleScript and a workflow depending on what you have in mind.


If you can elaborate, we might be able to help you out :) 



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Hey , Thank you both for replying!


Okay I'll elaborate, I use WhatsApp desktop a lot for work as I send out brochures and catalogue for different customers and it would be much easier if I can make use of the auto expansion feature of snippet function, 

For example if I type in the keyword " led/" then the catalogue of led fittings (pdf)  which is in my documents folder is pasted into WhatsApp Desktop.


I hope you get what I mean!!

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