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I'm trying to dump Fantastical so looking for a workflow to use with Apple Calendar. I came across "Add Calednar Event" (https://www.packal.org/workflow/add-calendar-event) and installed it but it didn't work. So I took at look at the workflow and it's leveraging various Applescripts. That's fine and I note that those Applescripts came with the package. However, it's clear that the problem is that the workflow doesn't know where those applescripts are located. As an experiment, I modified the workflow to put the explicit path to mainnew.scpt and got a little further (it opened the calendar) but still didn't actually insert the item. Presumably that script has dependencies on other scripts.


So the question is, where is this package supposed to be installed so that the scripts can be found? It's rather odd that this isn't mentioned in the README for the package


Thanks in advance

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6 minutes ago, dhjdhj said:

However, it's clear that the problem is that the workflow doesn't know where those applescripts are located.


That's unlikely to be the problem. When Alfred runs a workflow, the workflow's own directory is the working directory, so the workflow's scripts are always "right there".


What's the actual error that you're getting in Alfred's debugger?

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So for example (below) and note that it says the event created --- however nothing is displayed in the Post Notification and more importantly, the item is not added into the calendar


[17:53:09.612] Add Calendar Event[Script Filter] <?xml version="1.0"?><items><item uid="addcalendarevent" arg="claude at 7pm" ><title>claude</title><subtitle>Date: 25/2/2020 - 19:00   Location:""</subtitle><icon>icon.png</icon></item><item uid="alarmat event time" arg="" valid="no" ><title>Alarm 1</title><subtitle>at event time</subtitle><icon>alarm.png</icon></item></items>
[17:53:13.286] Add Calendar Event[Script Filter] Processing complete
[17:53:13.287] Add Calendar Event[Script Filter] Passing output 'claude at 7pm' to Run Script
[17:53:16.538] Add Calendar Event[Run Script] Processing complete
[17:53:16.569] Add Calendar Event[Run Script] Passing output 'Event created with success!
' to Post Notification

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I find that this workflow is incredibly hard to use -- it takes a ton of arguments, does not offer completions, and throws all my typing on the floor if I have made any errors at all.


It would be nice to have an alternative that isn't as fussy about the syntax, or that allows you to fix problems in your input.

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