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iPhone Feedback Window would be GREAT!

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I have been happily using Alfred now for a number of years, but have longed for a feedback window feature such as a remote console.   I use the script feature all the time, but unfortunately there is no way to see any text that comes back from the executed script.   Can you add a display window in the iPhone ap that could display any messages that the script generates, such as a remote console?


As an example:  I have written several C programs that are command line controls.   One such program controls video switches.   I call the program using the Alfred script feature.  The video switches send back a status indicating the final position of the switch at the end of execution.  I return the status back in the script that would normally be seen on the computer display, but there is no way to see that remotely.  Can you add a remote Console Window on the iPhone?   If it is not a Remote Console, some type of window that displays a file?  I could write to that file in my C program.


I would be happy to help clarify my request if it is not clear.    I think your product is very good, but the requested feature would make it GREAT!!!


Thank you for your assistance!


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