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clipboard history & source application in workflow output

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Hi there, I would love to be able to paste items and include which application they came from. The cheap hack is to first copy the content and then copy the text that indicates the 'source' and use the last 2 entries to form the output.  But is there a better way to do this? 


This would be similar to what Onenote does on windows - paste with source link (https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/disable-onenote-pasting-source-links/)

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1 hour ago, kagi said:

But is there a better way to do this?


You probably want to create a custom "Copy" Hotkey that triggers a regular copy and then adds the name of the active application to it. There are other ways, but that's the simplest.

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37 minutes ago, kagi said:

I dont see a dynamic placeholder for that...


There isn't one, AFAIK. But if you use a Hotkey, you can tell Alfred to set a variable to the bundle ID of the currently active application and also pass your script the current macOS selection.


You can then combine them using an Args and Vars utility and connect that to a Copy to Clipboard output to put them both on the clipboard.


If you want to get the name of the application, rather than its bundle ID, you'll have to do some scripting. Same if you want it to work with anything other than plaintext.


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