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Alfred v2 b68 now available

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Main notable things are:


- You can now get Alfred to automatically show the last history item if within 5 minutes, which works alongside arrow up for history.

- You can click the theme editor flock wallpaper to see your theme against different colours


Full changes since b65:


  • Option to automatically show history if within 5 minutes of last showing Alfred's main window, works along with arrow up for history
  • Don't store FS Navigation shortcuts (e.g. / and ~) in Alfred's history
  • Allow for pasting a path into Alfred's default results and navigate into that path in fs navigation
  • click the theme editor flock wallpaper to change its colour to better see your theme in different scenarios
  • Show correct cursor colour matching the search text in views
  • fix scrollbar issue in File Search > Action prefs
  • More robust file system navigation type detection for navigating into folders
  • Don't show irrelevant "Opens in" summary info for folder based items such as volumes, folders
  • Modification to the hotkey workflow object rendering in Alfred's workflow editor to show the argument type and not be so bright coloured
  • Fix the file / symlink identification in the filesystem navigation to more reliably browse through links and aliases and prevent hang in /tmp
  • change icon format to fix notification centre jaggies - it's cached so you may not see this yet

Download it in the usual place: http://media.alfredapp.com/v2beta/

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