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Alfred not showing certain apps that are found by Spotlight

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Alfred is not picking up certain apps in my /Application folder that are found by Spotlight.
I have /Applications as the first item in my "Search Scope" settings.
I can't see a pattern, as there are many apps that are found, but certain which are not.


Out of the first 20 applications in my /Application folder, 7 are not found!  The one that irritated me and got me investigating is the Calculator app that comes preinstalled with mac.  On closer inspection of the first few pre-installed apps, I see that App Store, Automator, Books, Contacts, Calendar and Dictionary are not getting found.  Things like Garageband, iMovie and so on are getting found.


I have tried running Clear Application Cache and Reubild macOS Metadata in the Alfred settings, but to no avail.


I have parallels running and had initially noticed that there was a huge amount of noise from Parallels apps that interfered.  For example, when I typed "Cal"  Alfred would find various apps in each of my parallels instances, but not the mac apps (Calculator and Calendar.  I have subsequently figured out how to stop Spotlight from indexing these Parallels apps and removed that noise, but this also hasn't helped.


Am at a bit of a loss regarding how to resolve and I am seriously considering habituating myself to use Spotlight instead of Alfred.

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@PeterTrain Could you please specify which version of Alfred and macOS you're using?


Taking a look at your Powerpack license, you should update to Alfred 4.0.8, which will cover all paths required to find all apps if you're on Catalina (as Apple have moved apps to a new location in Catalina)


Mega Supporters who haven't yet requested their v4 license can upgrade to Alfred 4 here:



If the issue persists, please take a look at the indexing troubleshooting page:




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