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I sometimes forget the keyword for a snippet, but when I search for it with the snippet keyword (default is "snippet" I think), it only shows the snippet in a one-liner, not the keyword, so I never learn the keyword unless I look it up in Alfred Preferences or invoke the Snippet Viewer Hotkey. I'd love to be able to see the snippet keyword if I held in e.g. ⌘ key.


PS: This is largely resolved by using the "Snippet Viewer Hotkey" instead of "Snippet Keyword", but I'd be nice to have both places.

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@vitor Sure.


As an example, I have an snippet with:


Name: Happy - Owl

Keyword: !owl

Snippet: ⊙▽⊙


Pressing the Viewer Hotkey:


It tells the keyword "!owl" in the lower right portion of the screen.


If instead I invoke the "Snippet keyword" (which I've set to "s"), I get:


I.e. no keyword "!owl", just the title and content of the snippet. It would be useful it this would show the keyword as well, either by default or by holding a modifier key.

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Thanks for posting this feedback, @gandalfsaxe! I agree 💯, it would be awesome to have the keyword displayed on Snippet Keyword results as well as the Snippet Hotkey screen. 90% of the time, I'm using the Hotkey because I forgot the keyword for some seldom used snippet. I realize I can just select the snip to have it pasted straight away, but I hit Escape and then type the keyword instead. Rationale: next time I'll remember the keyword by having forced myself to type it after having had to look it up. 


Even when using the Snippet Hotkey list, I'm not in love with the keyword being displayed in the lower-right of the result pane only when a snippet is selected. I'd prefer the keyword be displayed to the right or under the snippet (sub-text style). I'd also prefer it to be displayed at all times and not have to select the snippet to see it's keyword. This would save keystrokes by no longer having to arrow down after searching to get the keyword to display.



As far as the Snippet Keyword, same deal. I'd vote for having the keywords displayed in the Subtext, to the right of the "Paste:" preview to give a quick glance at the missing (in my brain) keyword:



Thanks for being by far my most used utility, Alfred! 🏆


Update: to preempt the likely inevitable reply "just put the keyword in the snippet name":

- its OK advice if you received and start following it from the beginning of building your snippet collection and don't change your keywords too often, but I'm thousands of snippets in at this point

- it seems like a waste of ongoing effort when the keyword values are available to the display templates for these screens (as evidenced by the fact that they already show up in the Hotkey window), I'm advocating for expanding that functionality (and adding it to the Snippet Keyword results) 

 - most snippet collections don't follow this convention, so users need to go through and update each snippet by hand after import

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Added update for "just put the keyword in the snippet name"
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