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Add +/- buttons to the "Workflow Launch Apps / Files" dialogue

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It would be helpful to have + and - buttons on the dialogue for the "Workflow Launch Apps / Files" workflow which open a file picker dialogue. This would allow you to quickly navigate through the filesystem to find the files you want to add, rather than having to find them in a separate finder window and drag them in. Clicking + on the picker could default to showing the /Applications folder, the user's home folder, or the most recent folder that the user had selected files from (if applicable).


The dialogue referenced: 




An example of the buttons from the Users & Groups pane in System Preferences: 



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@alfred_user The simplest way to add an app is to pop up Alfred, search for the app and drag it to the workflow window :)


I'll pass on the suggestion, but given how simple it already is to add files and apps, I'm not sure we'll be adding this.



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