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Alfred VSCode Workspace Explorer

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Alfred workfow to search, expore and open VSCode workspaces.


  • Python 3
  • VSCode


Define path (workspaces_home) where VSCode workspaces are stored. The workflow also supports subdirectories in VSCode Workspace folder

Set workspaces_home e.g. to /Users/user/vscode-workspaces


Download on Git

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This seems useful, but I get the error 

ERROR: VSCode Workspace Explorer[Script Filter] Code 127: env: python3: No such file or directory

I realize that it is likely due to that Python 3 is not the deafult version in macOS (using version 10.14.6). I have Python 3 installed in some different environments using Anaconda, but I don't know how to get Python 3 as the default version used by macOS. Any tips how this can be fixed? 

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