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Apple Mail and workflows triggers

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My problem is Alfred and Apple Mail working together with workflows. I want to get an individual greeting in Mail as described in the tutorial (Ellie). I have put the workflow together. It is working, but not correctly, ie. part of the trigger stays as text (see picture). My example is a trigger “hx” and when using it, the “h” stays in Mail and is not deleted.

On the contrary in other programmes like Things, iAWriter, SubEthaEdit or Word/Pages it is working flawlessly. Snippets are working perfectly, even in Mail. The only programm I have found so far is Mail. Funnily, in the Safari Url field the workflow is working fine, but weirdly in the Google search field in Safari it is not.

Can anyone help?


My system:
Alfred 4.0.9, Build 1144
OS X version: 10.14.6
Mail Version 12.4 (3445.104.14)


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