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Open Things Quick-Add pane

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Those are great, thanks for sharing! The one I posted is specifically for opening the quick entry HUD when the app is closed. The reason is that I use the QE window often, and it's nice to not have to launch the app if it's closed since I'm so trained to use the shortcut. I don't often add tasks through Alfred –mainly because I'm so used to the QE panel. Hope that makes sense. 

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Maybe it is working different for you than for me. I run the workflow and I get the app opening and then quick entry appearing. If Things.app is not running the workflow launches it and then display's the quick entry panel. So for you Things.app never runs? Just Quick Entry?

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@twinpeaks, what you are seeing is expected behaviour, it's not possible to launch just the quick entry panel without the app being open. The script was designed to stop the annoyance of hitting the keyboard shortcut and nothing happening because the app is closed, thus forcing you to launch the app and then enter your item. Instead you just hit the keyboard shortcut and the QE will appear whether the app was open or not (if not it'll launch and show you the QE).

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