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Automatic Default Browser Switcher?

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So this may be a stretch.

But is there an app/code (or Alfred workflow) that would automatically change my Mac's default browser?

I ask because I use Edge for work 🤨 and Firefox for home and I'd like something to preferably change my system's default browser to Edge in the morning and then back to Firefox after I'm done with work stuff.

Maybe a program that switches based on time of day?

I know, i know 'just switch it in each browser's preferences' but something going behind the scenes would make my workday a little easier.

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You can use duti to change the default handler for http/https. It's available via Homebrew. Should be very simple to build a workflow based on that.

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You should definitely not try to install it yourself. duti has been abandoned several macOS releases ago, and Homebrew patches the included version to work on newer versions.

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