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Alan He

How to get coppied file's path

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When I select a pic , and ⌘ C, I will get file's name, but I need copied path.


Because I will scp the file to my vps.



When I operate like the following .I will get query ,but it's just filename




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Then you'll need to access the pasteboard yourself to retrieve the path.


When you copy an image file, the OS puts a bunch of formats on the pasteboard, including the image data, its path, its URL and a text representation. The text representation, which is what Alfred passes to workflows because it can only pass text, is just the filename.


The following JXA script should return the path of a file you've copied in Finder:


function run() {
	// Get file URL from pasteboard
	let url = ObjC.unwrap($.NSPasteboard.generalPasteboard.stringForType('public.file-url'));
	// Decode URI and strip file:// prefix
	return decodeURI(url).substring(7);


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