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[Performance] How does using text snippets impact my computer performance?

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If I have even 10 snippets, then this means that for every single keystroke I perform, that pattern matching is being done for each key right? 

Wouldn't this become very bad for my CPU to do this continuous matching every time?

Should I be careful of adding too many snippets?

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@himat Alfred uses a very efficient in-memory method for doing snippet keyword lookups, and is very conscientious about battery / CPU usage.


While having snippet expansion enabled does make Alfred look for keyword matches on every keystroke, the time taken to lookup per keystroke is always shorter than 1/10,000th of a second (and generally much faster than this), which is less than many routine macOS tasks which are going on the whole time under the hood.


In my analysis, it makes very little difference if you have 10 or 1000 snippets. The most time consuming part is the macOS accessibility interactions.




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