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[SOLVED] Different Workflows, Same Hotkey

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Consider my two workflows, projectA and projectB. 


I only ever have one of those workflows enabled at a time.

I would like to have the same "Hotkey" in both Workflows.


But Alfred won't let me, is it trying to prevent collisions between hotkeys? Can I override this?

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1 hour ago, stephenfrench9 said:

is it trying to prevent collisions between hotkeys? Can I override this?


Yes, and yes. Alfred is trying to prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot, but you can shoot away by directly editing the workflows' info.plist files. The simplest way is to set each workflow's Hotkey to something similar (i.e. just with different modifiers), then edit the info.plist of the second workflow and change the value of the appropriate hotmod key to be the same as in the first workflow.


People do this fairly often when they have each Hotkey assigned to different applications (Alfred also won't let you set the same Hotkey even then), and it works fine, but who knows how badly things might go wrong if you forget to deactivate one of the workflows.

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Thank you deanishe! this was very helpful! To create a new project (for example, to create a new project called projectA), I now do this: 


And then edit the right <name> element so it looks like <name>projectA<name/>

Much appreciated for the help, thank you!

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