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Integration with "universal bookmarks"? Any ideas?

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Hi there! I wonder if anyone uses Alfred with a tool that "bookmarks" everything: files, bookmark urls, photos, notes, etc.


My goal is to easily search for files/resources of all kinds, all at once. I am hoping to quicksearch for names and content, and to instantly find suggestions of all types.


To make this as effective as possible, I'm exploring tools that will offer advanced tools (tags, etc) for "universal bookmarking" of files, bookmark urls, etc:

- Pocket

- RainDrop

- Memex

- Dropbox?

- Evernote?

- Etc


What tools and workflows do you use of this sort? How are you happy with it, and how is it limited?


Also, if you can you help me with terminology and frame of mind, I appreciate that too.


Thanks SO much. I'm hoping to permanently shift to a more organized digital life. 😊

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@MasterWayne Any integration with third party apps like this will require the Powerpack, so you'll first need to get a license, so that you can use workflows. :)


Please make sure that you fill in your registered email address in your forum profile once you've purchased your license.



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