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Alfred v2 causing problems with Divvy

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Version 2 of Alfred seems to be causing problems with Divvy (http://mizage.com/divvy/). When Divvy is launched from Alfred, instead of showing the application that was previously active, it always shows Alfred.


I was easily able to reproduce this. I'll get Andrew to take a look at it. However, this is ONLY when you launch it though. Unless you are using Alfred to "launch" it every time you want to use it?

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I have it starting at login, but I do use Alfred to open it each time I need it.


I know it isn't the answer you are looking for but, for now it may be best to just set the global hotkey for Divvy and use that to work with it until something can be figured out about this (assuming that it can)

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Download this workflow, done: http://d.pr/f/Qt7K (using this technique: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1379-how-to-use-global-hot-keys-to-pick-applications/)


Download this workflow: http://d.pr/f/R0ee


Replace the shortcut in the Run NSApplescript part of the workflow with your global divvy shortcut, done. (i have it on option+shift+w)



- I would have liked to simply use tell Divvy to activate, but Divvy didn't like it.

- In this occasion I found the standard icon quite fitting, so I didn't bother adding one :D)

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