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Navigate back from an alias or symlink?


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Being able to navigate into aliases and symlinks is really handy, but sometimes I find myself wanting to navigate back. Is that currently possible?


If I navigate from the Desktop into an alias (on the Desktop) which is (for example call Car Receipts and actually located at ~/Documents/Receipts/2012/Car Receipts) Alfred will show the full path of ~/Documents/Receipts/2012/Car Receipts. If I hit the left arrow or Backspace it will go back 1 level (from Car Receipts to 2012, then to Receipts etc.) But is there any way to navigate back from the Car Receipts alias to the Desktop folder? If not please consider adding the ability to do this.

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That does work, but you have to do this before navigating into the other folder(s). Most of the time I don't plan to go backwards, so won't have done this. I'm wanting a way of going back where you don't have to perform a specific action first.

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I also think being able to go back from a symlinks would be a neat feature.

Maybe using the arrow-up key, like in default mode, to access previous visited folders.


Arrow-up key is of course not possible to use as it's used to select items in the list... But maybe: Command + Shift + Arrow-Up ?

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