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Launch FTB with Java 6

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Update 3/25/13 10:30pm: Fixed a syntax error in the code. Sorry about that!


Hey guys,
This is my first post in the forums,

I just wanted to share with you my V2 Workflow for launching the Minecraft Feed The Beast launcher, using Java 6.
The reason you want to launch it with Java 6 is because Java 7 usually causes it to crash upon launch.
The Keyword is 'ftb' with no parameters.
Let me know if you guys need any help modifying it to work with your system!
Download: http://cl.ly/0x0e3T040a0m

Make sure to edit the Run Script element of the Workflow.

Change FTBPATH to the location of your FTB_Launcher.jar
(If you don't know, '~/' is the location of your home folder)
So for me it would expand out to /Users/David/FTB/
(Make sure there aren't any spaces between the '=' and the rest of the line.)

YOU SHOULDN'T have to edit anything else.

If you have to, change JAVA6PATH to the location of your 1.6.0.jdk file
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