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Webmail Setting not Working for Emails Initiated with Alfred's Contact Feature

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I expected selecting "Use Gmail to compose mail" work all any email initiated from Alfred's Contact feature would be passed to Gmail (via the default browser).


Instead, Alfred uses the Mail app.


I'm far from a coder, but I expect passing the email address via the following Gmail URL syntax would resolve the issue:






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Sounds like a bug, tbh.


As long as you’re not trying to attach anything to an email (in which case Alfred must use a locally-installed app), any email field in Alfred itself should respect the "Use Gmail" setting.

That said, if you always use Gmail for email, it might be a good idea to set it as your system-wide default email client.


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2 minutes ago, heyJoeCampbell said:

I already have Brave set as my default email reader


Does it work if you turn off Alfred's "Use Gmail" setting?


Also, do you have any Custom Actions set in Alfred Preference > Features > Contacts?

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