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JustWatch - Alfred Workflow

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16 hours ago, edbro said:

Yes, 100% for Unbelievable. If I type slowly, I get hits on "U", more hits on "UN" and it errors when I get to "UNB".


Thanks! Found the problem and it's fixed. 

You can wait for the workflow to auto-update (in max 2 days) or get the latest release (1.0.5, for now) from here https://github.com/vinaywadhwa/justwatch-alfred/releases .


If you are interested in more details

- The "API" this workflow uses (justwatch) sends some bad data for some titles. 

- The workflow now expects and handles the bad data better in the latest release (1.0.5, just released), all thanks to your report 👏🏼 



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