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Chrome in strange with arrow pointer and without working shortcuts

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Hi Alfred Team,


I'm a new user and have difficulties browsing my default browser chrome after I used search via Alfred.

  • MacOS: Catalina
  • Chrome: Version 81.0.4044.129
  • Alfred 4.0.9 [1144]


Step to reproduce:

- call Alfred via Alt-Space

- type any text I'd like to find + enter

- result: new tab opens with expected google search result


  1. I can't close this tab with Cmd-W, only by clicking with mouse
  2. hover on any link, the pointer doesn't change to hand pointer - still arrow pointer. I need to do double-click (instead of one-click) to open target hyperlink
  3. open another page in this tab doesn't resolve the issue


Workaround that helps to exit from this mode:

  • with Cmd-Tab I switch to any other application and once again Cmd-Tab to return. After that target tab of chrome works as usual

Sample video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xf2od2cjxd3qngq/standardSearchViaAlfred.mov?dl=0


And this very frustrated!


Interesting note:

  • I have PopClip application with Alfred extension. So when I select target text, and populate it to Alfred. I only need to press Enter and get result page. After this userflow, I don't have strange mode and behaviour is absolute normal. As in case of normal navigation

Sample video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fig6aekeaux5k8v/alfredWithPopClip.mov?dl=0


Any idea to help?

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@Oleksii Alfred simply passes off URLs to macOS to open, so doesn't have any control over the behaviour. This could be caused by a bug in Google Chrome, but more likely a combination of apps you have installed.


One thing you could try is putting Alfred in focus compatibility mode which makes Alfred's main window act more like a traditional macOS window instead of a floating panel. You can do this from Alfred's Preferences > Appearance > Options > Focusing.




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