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Mini Player shuffle

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I know that is possible to have random albums. But I like to listen to all of my music on random so random songs ( and not albums ). I guess I am not the only one right? Is this possible because I cannot find it.


Apple have a bug in the iTunes 11 AppleScript which has removed the ability to control shuffle. I'm keeping a very close eye on this being fixed so that Alfred can disable shuffle like he did in the past, and also offer the shuffle feature again :)

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Came here to ask for this feature. 

Apologies if you've already come across this, but is this StackOverflow of any use?


I had no luck with it myself, but then I'm also a bit of a fool.


All of those are hacky workarounds which simulate selecting menu items. Alfred avoids these for stability and future-proof. I'm still hoping for direct control over shuffle back into the AppleScript.

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The iTunes mini player is a super cool feature that I use everyday, it even convinced me to switch my main music player to iTunes from Swinsian, which means hundreds hours of transcoding. But sometimes I feel the mini-player is not providing enough functionalities, for example shuffle toggling or playlist filtering. I wrote some simple applescripts and they have to stay outside of the whole mini-player process. 


I am just saying wouldn't it be cool if for power pack users we can actually edit the mini-player menu and add our own workflows in it? It would satisfy almost all requests involving the mini-player and also make the iTunes controlling process more consistent.

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Just bought the power pack and I have the same question: Is there a way to play ALL songs in my library with shuffle enabled? I worked around it by creating a playlist with all songs, but this is such an obvious feature that I'm almost sure I'm missing something.

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Hello, powerpack is a must have! I listen music in iTunes every day and there are some days when i just turning on random mode through all songs in my itunes library.


But sadly there are no such mode in itunes mini player, so i must go into itunes and enable random mode (shuffle) again (because alfred somehow disables it).


So i have a two questions:

1. Are there any possibility to implement shuffle mode for currently selected playing unit (artist, album or all songs)?

2. Are there any hope to get "all songs" playing unit support (just like in itunes)?  



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I have already found a couple of posts in the past pretty much asking for the same feature. The music Mini Player is super convenient and I use it all the time. What's missing though is a simple 'Shuffle' option to start playing a random song from your entire library and so on. I'm wondering if this hasn't been done due to some limitation I am not aware of or if this is totally possible and I am just blind to it.

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