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Sublime Text 2: Show all projects in a directory + consolidation of other workflows

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I wanted to create a workflow that would allow me to see all of my project files in a single directory. Similar to how CMD+CTRL+P works in Sublime Text 2. I also wanted to be able to search through those items. So I borrowed the core of the "Google Auto Complete" workflow from David Ferguson (A Few Alfred 2 Workflows to Get You Started), and repurposed it for my needs. I'm not great at PHP, so I'm betting that there might be a better way.


I also like the idea of bucketing apps into workflows, so I also included the work done by phillistein (http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php?/topic/39-open-in-sublime-and-search-sublime-projects/).


There's one variable you'll have to modify for your system. That's the dir that it uses to display all .sublime-project files. Inside, you'll see a "proj" script filter. Open that and change the $dir variable to a local path on your system.


v1.0: http://d.pr/f/qvZM


*NOTE: I'd like to add the ability to recursively search through the filesystem, so you could just start at your home directory.

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