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Use case:


I am copying and pasting text in an editor, website input field or something like that.

I want to modify/delete/add the first x characters on every line.

Run the macro x amount of time.

Optionally save the macro. Only optionally because the chance that i have to do that same thing again in exactly the same way and in the same application is very small.


Building a workflow for this with a Key Mapping is a bit cumbersome fort this one time i need to do this. But..., i do this repetitive work a lot, just not always the same way, the same text, the same modifications in the same applications.


So ideally i would like to have a hotkey that starts recording keystrokes (typing the word "record" in Alfred would also do this), key strokes are recorded until i press the hot key again.


Maybe it already exists. If so, please point me in the right direction to achieve this.n the 





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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Toontje said:

Maybe it already exists.


It's called Keyboard Maestro.


If you're only editing text, vim macros would also be very good for the case you describe.

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