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Tracking Time for updating a file

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Welcome @ChasHenderson,


9 hours ago, ChasHenderson said:

open my web development software


We can’t help without knowing what it is.


9 hours ago, ChasHenderson said:

track the time from opening a project file to closing the file.


That might be hard to do, because it’s unlikely the application gives that information programatically. However, it is possible to have a Workflow that opens the file with the application and shows elapsed time when that instance of the application is closed.


9 hours ago, ChasHenderson said:

I'm brand new to Alfred and have minimal knowledge of scripting


The main rule of asking for help with scripting—on any forum—is “give as much information as possible”. The more you give, the faster we can help. Going back and forth due to a lack of information is costly in terms of time and you may lose the person helping.

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So basically, what I want to do is record the time I open my file, store it in a variable as a start time and time record the time I close the file (and store that time as well). After that I want to send both variables to a text file.  I’m assuming the web software (Rapidweaver) would not to do anything.

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Automatically tracking when you open and close a file is going to be difficult and probably unreliable. It’s fairly straightforward to automatically track when you open and close an application, however, provided you launch it via the workflow.


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