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How do you handle multiple queries?

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It seems like one of the biggest bottlenecks day to day is the process of searching through a number of different places to find personal information.


Most of us have info collected in a number of different places:

- Google Drive

- local drive

- bookmarks

- Evernote

- that other app you hardly use any more

- etc


With Spotlight, a query shows results from a few different places that have been indexed. It doesn't seem that you can add additional places. It doesn't seem that Alfred can do this, either.


What is your solution to this major bottleneck of performing multiple queries in order to find what you need?

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1 hour ago, MasterBruce said:

It doesn't seem that you can add additional places.


It works the other way around. Spotlight indexes (almost) everything by default, and you have to configure it not to index certain things.


It's up to the developers of Evernote, Google Drive etc. to use the APIs Spotlight provides to make their apps' data searchable.

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