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Tried upgrade from v3 to v4 and migration broke

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Followed all the steps to a tee. But still migration doesn't seem to have some of the workflows, KB shortcuts and now clipboard isn't adding to the "last copied" list.

I backed up too, so not sure what the problem is. 


My first attempt did not seem to restore. I found this by looking at my theme, which didn't carry over to v4. So I went back to redo the migration by going ~/Library folder (per the troubleshooting). Except I saw three folders:


Alfred 3

Alfred 4


But found the files to delete in Alfred folder. 

Anyway, long story short. I'm left with the backed up .tar.gz file and I am not quite sure what to do next to bring Alfred 4 up to par with how I had Alfred 3 setup.

Incredibly frustrated.

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@Yourname the migration should essentially be effortless if Alfred 3 is still installed, and from what you've described, it's difficult to know what's currently configured and where.


Could you pop an email with your backup tar.gz file so I can make sure all your Alfred 3 settings are fine, then I can help you correctly migrate them to Alfred 4 :)




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Thanks for all your help over email Andrew. 

For others, it looks like my folder structure was abnormal (possibly due to user error) which is why this issue happened. FWIW, this never happened when I upgraded to Alfred 3 either. 

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