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Alfred won't open folders

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I'm not sure if this is considered a bug but when I type in "open [folder name]", the folder I'm wanting to open doesn't show up. It used to work then one day it stopped working. 
I have a Macbook Air and have the latest version of Alfred 

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@Martina The first step to take is to go through the indexing troubleshooting page, and likely rebuild your Mac's index (step 4):



If the issue persists once you've gone through all the steps, please provide more details:

- Which version of Alfred and macOS are you using?

- Where is the folder you're searching for? Can Spotlight find it?

- What are you typing in Alfred?

- How many results are being returned? Could your result be further down the list?

- What are your preferences in the Features > Default Results? (please provide a screenshot)


The more information you provide, the more likely we can help you out. I'm moving this into Discussion & Help as indexing issues aren't Alfred bugs :) 



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Hi Vero,
I've added the folders to my search scope (the individual folders) and it now works so thank you for your help! However, will I have to do this for every folder in the future? And Alfred and Spotlight was able to locate a folder inside of the folders I was initially trying to locate, so I'm kind of confused as to why it wasn't working. If I don't add each individual folder to the search scope, they don't pop up as a result, but what is contained in them will (only some though).

I've unable to attach a picture of my 'Default Results' but I have 'Preferences' and 'Contacts' checked, I recently checked 'Folders' and 'Documents' as I thought that would expand the search. I have also checked the 'macOS Applications folder' and 'Folders in Home'.

My mac is macOS Catalina and my Alfred is version 4.0.9. I am typing in 'open [file name], eg. open Economics. I scroll all the way down to the last result and the folder doesn't show up.

My issue now is that while I can open the folders I initially couldn't, I have to individually add them to the search scope. Even then, I can't open the files contained inside them using Alfred, aside from one folder which is empty. I didn't have this issue last week so I'm not really sure what happened between then and now.

Hope you're staying safe,

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@Martina Could you please follow step 4 of the Indexing Troubleshooting page and rebuild your Mac's index?


This can take up to an hour, and once it completes, you can try searching again. This ensures that macOS rebuilds the index of all files on your Mac, which is usually where the issue lies when results are not returned.



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