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System Preferences not showing up

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I just got a new mac and downloaded Alfred again.  For some reason I can't get Alfred to call up System Preferences. 


I reset the search scope but it didn't help.  The laptop is pretty empty of stuff and the Alfred install is fresh.  


Any ideas? 

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A brand new OS has to build its metadata/Spotlight index, which is what Alfred uses, so it can take a while for everything to start showing up in searches, and if you install Alfred before that's done, its cached list of apps may be incomplete.


Try entering "reload" into Alfred and selecting "Reload Alfred Cache" to get Alfred to update its list of installed applications. If your OS hasn't finished indexing yet, you might have to wait until it's done then tell Alfred to reload again.


Another way to “kick start” Alfred into finding an application is to navigate to the application in filesystem-navigation mode, and run it from there. If you’re running Catalina, enter /System/Applications/System Preferences into Alfred to go to System Preferences.


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