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volume up and down not working


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only reporting now but actually it's been a long time for me, so i'm surprised. might be only a few people?


volumax and volmid work fine, but up, down and mute don't. i'm reporting now because i'm doing my own workflow (that can set to any % you pass as argument) and i think it's be nice to have it corrected in Alfred, and why not adding a new feature to set to the volume we want. 


let me know!


Alfred 4.0.9

Build 1144, Friday 20th March 2020


Catalina 10.15.4 (19E287)

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of course one hour after i had the idea that maybe Alfred was lowering the global volume instead and yes.


i think it would be still nice to have the possibility to set the Music app volume to any % but well, not a bug.

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