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Alfred and FileMaker

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What feature of Alfred could be used to make changes to a FileMaker record, then move to the next record, and perform the same click, and then run this work pattern for X number of records.  Possible?  Sorry. Newbie.

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Well, you can use Alfred to ask for the value of X, but it doesn't really have any features that would help with the rest of it. You'll need to write yourself an AppleScript to do all of that.


Alfred is a launcher, not a tool for automating other applications. The answer to any question of the form "how do I use Alfred to make application X do Y" is typically "write an AppleScript to make X do Y and then run it with Alfred".


Keyboard Maestro is the right tool for this kind of job.

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Dankeschoen.  Is there a good place in Alfred documentation to start a newbie in guiding him to this kind of overview advice?  Very helpful.

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