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Can't switch to particular apps

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I'm setting up a new machine for a new job: OS X Catalina 10.15.1


I have gotten into the habit of using Alfred to quickly switch to apps, it's working as normal everywhere but for some reason it won't switch to Emacs. If I pop up Alfred I can start a new Emacs instance but it just refuses to switch to Emacs. I've tried using a specific hotkey workflow as well as just the normal Alfred popup (that I use to start the instance in the first place). Emacs shows up in the search list (and as the default for hitting return), but focus doesn't switch.


Anyone have any ideas? The whole process works on my other freshly set up machine (which happens to be Mojave).



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Welcome @jgerman,


Does this only happen with Emacs? If so, that’s where you need to concentrate your efforts. Alfred just asks the system to bring the app to the front; doing it is the job of the system.

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I just realized my title says accounts instead of apps...


Yes it's just Emacs, I just discovered the Spotlight can't do it either so I guess I'll pursue that. It's really weird.

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