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Find folders with exact name only

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I would like to search for folders by their exact name, and exclude other folders starting with or otherwise containing the search phrase.


Say I have folders:


Object 1

Object 12


And I have files:


Object 1

Object 12


I want to search for "Object" and return all folder(s) with the exact name "Object", regardless of their paths/parent folders. I don't want any files returned and I don't want folders "Object 1" "Object 12".


I can currently get all folders containing "Object" using a File Filter limited to File Type public.folder with Words and Split unchecked in the Field tab. Or I can check those boxes and the result will be limited to folders starting with "Object" but will also pull in "Object 1" "Object 12" etc.


I thought there would be an obvious way to limit the results in the Value of the Field tab, but I'm not finding a way to make that work.



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Not thoroughly tested and not the cleanest way to do it, but this should work:


readonly escaped="$(sed "s|'|\\\'|g;s|/|:|g" <<< "${1}")"
readonly results="$(/usr/bin/mdfind -literal "kMDItemFSName == '${escaped}' && kMDItemContentType == public.folder")"

osascript -l JavaScript -e 'function run(argv) {
  items = argv[0].split("\n").map(arg => {
    return {
      title: $(arg).lastPathComponent.js,
      subtitle: arg,
      arg: arg,
      icon: { type: "fileicon", path: arg }

  return JSON.stringify({ items: items })
}' "${results}"


Stick it in a Script Filter with default settings.

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Thanks, @vitor. This is perfect.


I did some googling and modified to make the search case-insensitive by added a "c" after the "escaped" variable like so:

readonly results="$(/usr/bin/mdfind -literal "kMDItemFSName == '${escaped}'c && kMDItemContentType == public.folder")"


Works great!

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