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Can't get Workflows running

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Hey guys, I Use Alfred for a few months now and today I decided to buy the powerpack to get access to the workflows. The main reason is the following workflow:


to make LaTeX easier to use. So I happily installed the workflow but when I tried to use it, it did not work. 

When I type the keyword "tex" in Alfred, the option "Search LaTeX Symbols" shows up as intended, but not even for a second and then It vanishes and I can't use it. 


So I tried other workflows. The following was up next: 


But the result was very similar. The keyword is "url". When I type "ur" the option shows up, but when I press enter, it just autocompletes to "url" and the option vanishes. When I type the whole "url" keyword, the option shows up for a very short time and then vanishes.


I then tried this:

With the same result. The option shows up for not even a second and then vanishes.


So this is my problem. None of these Workflow works for me, but I'm pretty new to this topic, so I have no idea, where my problem can be...I Hope there's somebody who can help me!

It may be worth mentioning, that I also tried the in-built workflow, that just creates a todo list. So, this workflow worked...this confused me all the more...


So I hope you have solutions or advices, thanks in advance!




Edit: So I recently found the debugger. I attach some pictures of these. I can't get any helpful information for me

The Latex Workflow:



The iMessages Workflow:



The Copy-URL Workflow:



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@Johannes It's difficult to see what could be going on from the screenshots, as each 3rd party workflow can throw different errors depending on how they have been created. I get a sense that you may be missing some scripting components required to run these workflows.


It's quite normal to have the argument as empty, and therefore the argv as null (i.e. not set).


Do the built in example workflows and getting started workflows (from the + button in the Workflow editor) work as expected? (a good one to test could be the Getting Started > Advanced Script Filters, then the jtimer keyword).




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@Johannes About the LaTeX workflow: I had the same problem, it appears to be a known issue, see https://github.com/wookayin/alfred-latex-symbols-workflow/issues/4


The workaround given there worked for me:



wookayin commented on 15 Jun 2018

As a workaround until I fix the issue, you can do the following:

  • Make sure that ruby is installed in your system (e.g. /usr/bin/ruby)
  • Locate the workflow directory (Right-click on the workflow -- Open in Finder/Terminal to get the path)
  • Open the terminal and go to the workflow directory. Then:

$ bundle install --standalone


I had to install bundler (https://bundler.io) on my computer before, by using

sudo gem install bundler

and then it worked like a charm.


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