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Send selected file to Printer X/Y/Z

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Hi there !


I tried to build a workflow that would send a selected file to a printer to print it (same as a drag-a-file&drop-it-on-the-printer), but it seems that I'm not good enough ;-)


Did somebody find a solution for this ?


Thank you for your help !  :)

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I briefly looked around at this and am not entirely sure that this is really feasible. Each file that you could potentially select would have to be opened in the application designated for that particular app. You wouldn't know what that was unless you had a large array of, this extension goes to this application. You could just let the file open in whatever default that it opens in, but then you would need to know what app that was to tell it to print the document. You may not know what that app is. You could set a timer to just wait a few seconds to make sure it launched then find out what the frontmost app is and tell that app to print? I could be wrong about this though.. Maybe someone else will chime in with a graceful solution.

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Hi David,


And thank you for your answer ! In fact, when I drag a file from the finder and drop it on the printer-icon of my dock, the file is opened in the default application (my choice of extension, such as ".doc" => open with MS Word) and printed by the application. So, when I want to print a doc file with my printer X, I "just" have to drop it on my printer-icon and it works. It seems that OS X knows that droping a file on a printer means "use the default application to print it".


I'm absolutely not into programing and so I'm not sure to understand why it's different to tell Alfred to "open the selected file with application X/Y/Z" and to tell Alfred to "send the file to printer X/Y/Z" (and let Mac OSX do the rest).


You see what I mean (sorry for my poor technical vocabulary) ?

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