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Alfred - Apple Pages and Mac OS X Contacts

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In old days Apple Pages was able to import address data from contacts app and put them into some prepared fields.

Then Pages was rewritten into its current version and that feature is gone. No more drag and drop.


For some time now it is possible to tag text with an identifier which is recognized by AppleScript. This opens opportunities, but to make it work with an easy UI you have to do a lot of coding to make searching contacts easy - and I don't want to invest too much time into it.


So my idea is to use Alfred instead. Alfred has a nice UI for searching contacts. Wouldn't it be great to select a person from Alfred's list of contacts and pass it over to AppleScript - which in turn checks if Pages is open with a matching document - or if that isn't the case open a standard document and insert all address data...


I am looking for a way to do this in Alfred. Pages AppleScript is available, so all I need is the Alfred part...


How do I get started ?

Or maybe someone already has a solution and can send it to me ?


I appreciate any help...



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