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[SOLVED] After adding few alfred workflows h and q keys stopped working on my mac

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I am new to Alfred, after adding few workflows: h and q keys stopped working on my keyboard. Even if I try a new keyboard they are not working. So something OS related or my key mapping is messed up. When I restart my machine these two keys will start to work, but after few hours they will stop working again. Any suggestions to fix this will be greatly appreciated. This is driving me nuts.

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6 minutes ago, mrteacherman123 said:

I've disabled all the workflows and tried those keys, still no luck :(


Which is a dead giveaway that’s not where the issue lies. The problem may have started at the same time you installed Workflows, but chances are that was a coincidence. Your issue is bound to be somewhere else on your system.

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Key caste on GitHub, helps show you keys being pressed. Perhaps running that will show if it’s actually being register or not. 

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