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Alfred taking several goes to open a website

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Good morning!


I normally launch the Alfred search bar by typing 'Command" and "1"


I then type the website I want to visit - usually just three characters, such e.g. ABC, the website name appears in the list and I select it. In the past, Safari has launched immediately and if a login via 1password is required, that is also handled accurately. 

Of late, I am finding that I am having to search on the website ABC several times before Safari will open. Sometimes it appears to require a reboot of Safari for this process to work.

Can you offer any suggestions to resolve this rather frustrating issue? 


Thank you. 


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@Harrip Welcome to the forum!


Could you please provide more details? Are you using a default/custom search (e.g. from the Features > Web Search list) or via the 1Password integration to open one of your 1PW bookmark?



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Hello Vero


Thanks for this. I use the 1password integration. So, when I type in the Alfred search bar I get results from 1Password and its when I select this the browser should open, but has been a bit intermittent of late.




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