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Clipboard - Where are Screenshots?

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MacBook Air under Mojave. Just discovering the power of Alfred's Clipboard. (I was using Chronos' iClipboard ... support long gone).


I have set up a HotKey combo for Alfred's Clipboard. And there are all my text clips. But where are the screenshots (the CMD-SHIFT-4 screenshots)?


AND - Is there a way to make a "sound" after successfully saving a clip? A little "beep" or something?


I apologize for not knowing about Alfred's Clipboard before now ...


Clint Bradford


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@ClintB Alfred doesn't automatically save your Cmd + Shift + 4 screenshots to the clipboard. These will be stored on your desktop by macOS.


If you choose the screenshot file on your desktop and Cmd + C, the screenshot file will be added to your Alfred clipboard as a file. If you open the screenshot in Preview, select all and copy, you'll then store it in Alfred's clipboard as an image. These are two different ways to keep your screenshot depending on which one's most useful. :)


Is there anything in particular you're trying to achieve? You may be able to create a workflow to do what you have in mind more specifically. 



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@ClintB On second thought, there are a few different ways to save images to clipboard, depending on what's most useful to your own work flow.


If you're on Mojave or Catalina, you can use Cmd + Shift + 5 to bring up the Screenshot app and its settings. You'll see a small panel at the bottom of your screen with some screenshot preferences. Under "Options", you can choose to save the screenshot to a few different locations, including the clipboard.


With that option set, screenshots using Cmd + Shift + 4 will be saved as raw images to your clipboard. The above will save a raw image file, which may or may not be useful depending on how you're planning on using it.


Alternatively, you can set a useful location to save all your screenshots, then set an Alfred hotkey or keyword to open your screenshots folder in Finder or using File Navigation. This is more useful if you need to, for example, attach the screenshot to an email to a colleague.


There are quite a few options, as you can see :)



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What extraordinary replies - in less than 24 hours' time. MANY thanks!


I just need to get used to it ... but it is MUCH more powerful than the previous "clip saver" program I was using since 2006.


Thank you all again.


Clint Bradford

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