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Can't find any files from my folders after switching from Windows

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Hey everyone, 

this is probably a very dumb question but I am new to MacOS ans Alfred and just can't find the answer.


So I have installed Alfred and copied and pasted my documents folder, where I basically have all of my files that I need, from Windows to my new Macbook. I have also added the documents folder to the Search Scope and enabled "Folders in Home". However, I can't find a single file from this folder using Alfred.


I am probably just doing a big beginners mistake but I would appreciate the help



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3 hours ago, juerke said:

However, I can't find a single file from this folder using Alfred.


How are you trying to find the files? Alfred's "regular" search only includes a very small number of file types. You need to start your query with " " (space) or "'" (apostrophe) to search all filetypes.

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@juerke Welcome to the forum :) Give this beginner's guide a try for a few tips on searching your Mac using Alfred:



If you still can't find your files, try Spotlight. If Spotlight also can't see your files, you may need to rebuild your Mac's index. Take a look at the indexing troubleshooting guide here:



Let us know how you get on :)



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