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Conditional: Modifier after junction?

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Hello there, 

this is my laziness speaking and I know it. However, I have wondered if the following is possible:

I have the first image: Every script filter is hooked up to two outputs, there will be #scriptFilter*2 connections
I want the second image: Every script filter is hooked up to a single junction, which is in turn hooked up to two actions, there will be #scriptFilter+2 connections


Can this be done, and if not, is it worth filing a feature request for? 

Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 13.37.21.png


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58 minutes ago, manavortex said:

Can this be done


Yes, but then you can't use modifiers on the connections. You have to use modifiers in the JSON feedback to set variables and then use Conditional or Filter utilities to manage the control flow.


See this workflow for an example.

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