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Alfred Wifi Speedtest

Alfred Wifi Speedtest is a workflow for Alfred 4, that uses speedtest-cli and reports back in a notification the upload/download speeds of the current wifi you're on.





Since COVID hit, my wifi speeds have plummeted (Verizon cap/bottleneck maybe?). I hate needing to google for a wifi speedtest every time I have to check if my wifi speed will be good enough for the call I'm about to join. I have to open another tab, ads clutter my screen while running the speedtest, and it's one more thing cluttering my screen. This workflow makes a wifi speedtest just an alfred keyword away.



You will always find the latest version, changelog and updated documentation on GitHub as is difficult to use the forum to keep track of updates and support. 



Download directly from Github releases page, make sure to download the latest release. Download here.


Installation Instructions

After downloading the workflow from the release page, be sure to install the wifi speedtest-cli using the command below


brew install speedtest-cli


Then, simply run the Alfred workflow by summoning Alfred and typing speedtest.


This is my first real contribution to any sort of open source community so suggestions are welcome! I thought about adding automatic updates, but figured something is better than nothing to start and I can iterate on this if people have suggestions/feature requests. Thanks in advance for any suggestions to improve this workflow!

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Posted (edited)

Nice job. Works well.


16 hours ago, mmroczka said:

This is my first real contribution to any sort of open source community so suggestions are welcome!


Generally, you should put the source code of the workflow (i.e. the unzipped workflow) in the GitHub repo, not the packaged workflow.


git/GitHub are for source code (i.e. text files), and most of their features (diffs, pull requests) just don't work on binary blobs.


Also, for your download link, you can use https://github.com/mmroczka/alfred-speedtest/releases/latest, which will always point to the latest version, so you never have to update the link when you publish a new version.


The way you’re calling speedtest-cli also seems a bit odd. Is there are reason you don’t just run /usr/local/bin/speedtest-cli?

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