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Toggle off trackpad shortcut?

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what's the notification?


 My workflow run fine on my mac 


MacOS is  catalina


1 hour ago, Mike Outram said:

Hey thanks, Alan. This doesn't work for me at the moment though. Not sure why, but in case I'm missing something: I'm on Alfred 4, MacBook Pro 2017 touchbar. I get this notification in Alfred re the apple script:



Screenshot 2020-06-21 at 15.20.08.png


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7 minutes ago, Mike Outram said:

"For background app scripts..."


That means, basically, "Don't use Run NSAppleScript". It behaves weirdly, and it locks up Alfred until the script finishes.


Unless your script just doesn't work properly in a Run Script action, you should never use "Run NSAppleScript".

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My concern is whether you have confirmed that trackpad is turned off or turned on, that is, whether it works. If it does not work, you should always prompt questions, for example, you can debug this workflow


deanishe's advice is good,I will use run script instead of run NSAppleScript. but I think it's not cause of mike's problem





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