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Spotlight finds my file but not Alfred

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  Hi All,


I am new to Alfred, and not over tech savvy.  However, I just subscribed to the Powerpack.  I noticed that my high-level documents that I save as a under my user library cannot be found in Alfred but are found with SpotLight.  I'm using Catalina and A V4.  Thanks.


I've tried reloading the Cache and verified the 'essentials, extras and search scope.'   Thanks in advance.

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@ilyak22000 Could you please provide more details?


- Which version of Alfred are you using (which build, which you can find in the Update tab)?

- Which version of macOS are you using?

- How are you searching? What are you typing into Alfred exactly? For example, a file search should be prefixed with pressing the spacebar - a shortcut to the "open" keyword, which broadens your search.

- Is the path you're searching for in the Alfred search scope in Features > Default Results?


If you've rebuilt your Mac's index and given it sufficient time to complete rebuilding the index, install the Metadata tool and drag in some of the files you can't find. This will show you whether the files have all the necessary metadata. Please paste the results in your reply :)


Here's the Metadata tool:




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