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NoteTaker — Keep small bits of text

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Save named text snippets for later retrieval.

Call nadd, type a name, and press ↵. Your clipboard contents will be saved to a txt file of the chosen name.


Or use the Universal Action Trigger to save selected text or an item from Clipboard History.


Retrieve your notes with nview. ⇧ or ⌘Y will quicklook its contents; ↵ will copy them; ⌘↵ copies and deletes; ⌥↵ opens the note in your text editor.


To keep notes synced between machines, use the notes_dir Workflow Environment Variable to pick a custom save location.


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18 minutes ago, firesofmay said:

Only issue is when I select cmd+enter, it gets copied but I don't see it being deleted till I retype nview.


That’s by design. It’s so you can delete multiple notes in a row and don’t lose your place. You may disagree with that choice but it’s not an issue, it’s working as intended.

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